Khem-Noor Session 3

As this session begins, the elves Feravyn and Lothiriel return to their home, a small settlement on the edge of a portal into the Feywild. As they approach, they are horrified to find that all of the inhabitants of their home have brutally killed each other, turning weapons and even tools and home implements against each other. In the middle of the town, the elves found a giant shard of what resembled clay or adobe. Feravyn examined the inside and found a rune-engraved chamber surrounding four manacles. Each manacle was a cuff lined with barbs and needles and encrusted with gory ichor. He attempted to remove the manacles and found that touching them instilled a horrid bloodlust that almost made him smash in his friend’s skull. Shaken, the pair thought to travel to a nearby wise man’s camp to ask for help.

As the party prepared to leave Kai’anan’s camp, two shaken elves emerge from the desert. Sefu, Torvanus, Garrosh, Feravyn, and Lothiriel all share their stories and agree to band together. The new group returns to the elves’ home and investigate further. Lothiriel discovers a trail of giant tracks that resemble those make by bears of the Feywild, complete with talons and some sort of cruel spiked heel. Garrosh examines the clay structure and studies the runes within, determining that the whole object was a physical and mystical prison for the entity known as The Which Turns Brother Against Brother.

The heroes track the dwindling trail of their quarry into the desert, almost losing the way until they happen upon a wonderful aroma of cooking meat. They find a silken tent behind a cook-fire. As they approach, their host (who was there all the time, didn’t you see him?) offers to give them some refreshment from their travels. The party slowly and grudgingly accept his hospitality. Lothiriel and Garrosh are both suspicious, eventually deducing that their robed host is in fact a djinn. The djinn offers to gamble with the heroes, a game in exchange for information. The party has all but spurned his offer when he reveals that his last player asked for information that may have led to the fall of the moon.

Garrosh agrees to lead the heroes in the game. The stakes are simple—enter and exit the djinn’s tent and claim a boon. The party enters and immediately find themselves in a tesserect-style space. Eventually, they find a crystal skull and use it to teleport to various levels in the tent. They encounter a room where dozens of people are trapped within paintings. Torvanus is grabbed by a pit fiend from within a painting; the successful use of skills enables the party to free him. One woman begs Lothiriel to take her child while Orcus glares at Garrosh from one hellish tableau. The heroes find themselves in a vast armory, swimming in a subterranean lake, and lost in a warehouse of boxes and crates. They stand amid stars and find a training room for children whose parents gambled them away. One child in this room discusses the “giant white wolf hyena man thing” that was just here and asking all the questions. The group wanders into a fancy dinner party held by a coven of imps. Even though they crash the soup course, the most fair imp, who happens to be one dressed in drag, keeps trying to seduce Torvanus just as the Nuns’ Tears soup is served. Luckily, Feravyn finds the teleport key and the group flees to a forest wherein they battle two animated bull-creatures. After defeating them, one rises as a wraith and the party manages to return it to death.

This completes the challenge. The djinn was true to his word and granted a boon to each hero. Feravyn was given a magic item that allows him to scry the closest Evil. Torvanus claimed an extra page for his book. Feravyn was given an augmented blade. Lothiriel asked for insight on the Four Evils and was given a map to a nearby ruin.

The adventure concluded as Garrosh used his eye to scry…he found himself seeing through the eyes of a beast that was roaming through Hawk’s Bill. He saw the crowds literally trying to tear each other limb from limb. As the vision faded, he saw Captain Torgosh turn his deadly breath weapon on a mob of people, literally slicing them into ribbons….



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