Khem-Noor, Sessions 1 and 2

Our story begins in the town of Hawk’s Bill, a small but profitable center due to a local source of natron, a salt used in the county’s rich embalming process. The daily hustle and bustle of this town is familiar to Tarvanus, a drow warlock who has recently been inducted into the Preservers’ Guild, having sworn an oath to a fey patron who empowers him with ice and frost powers. On the outskirts of the town, a sorcerer named Garrosh Penndragon is on his way to arrange for the sale of some stone when a catastrophe strikes the town!

A massive object crashes to earth outside Hawk’s Bill, gouging a burning swath of destruction through the center of the town common. The meteor leaves puddles and rivulets of flaming ichor that even cause some of the stone buildings to melt and sway. In the tumult, a slave known as Sefu makes his escape from a cruel master who was crushed as the town fell. Sefu and Torvanus band together to help most of the townsfolk flee to safety. Regrouping outside, the two are tasked by Captain Torgosh, the captain of the watch, to investigate the object that crashed down.

The new team swiftly find that the town’s bane was a gargantuan serpent’s head, the size of a small house. Sefu manages to pry out a dinner plate-sized scale while Torvanus harvests a tooth. As the party ponders what to do next, they spy a crane in the distance being overtaken and slain by a swarm of some sort of insects. Returning to the town, they gather Garrosh and backtrack to the crane. Garrosh and Torvanus both recognize it as the familiar of a wizard known as Kai’anan. The heroes find a scroll case on the bird’s body containing the message “If ours are free, HIS are too..”

The group decides to travel to Kai’anan’s oasis to ply for information. As they arrive there, they witness the old man slumped within a sputtering magic circle. Investigating his circle triggers an attack by a group of giant scarabs! These foul monsters try to train the lifesblood from Torvanus, Sefu, and Garrosh and almost succeed in killing them just as they did Kai’anan and his bird. The party pulls out a win only to be engaged by a strange canine creature who breathes clouds of ticks at the heroes, continuing to drain their bodies’ energy. Through a good combination of spell and steel, the heroes take the day.

The dying Kai’anan imparts some information to the group……

In the days of yore, the children of Khem-Noor warred with the sons and daughters of the Shepherd King. Tired of mutual bloodshed, Ra and the Shepherd King entered into a pact. The Khem-Noorian gods would seize and contain the four great adversaries of the Shepherd King’s people in exchange for HIS agreement to imprison the desert peoples’ two banes. The Old Mage reveals that in exchange for containing Set the Betrayer and Apep, The Fang of the Sands, Ra and Thoth imprisoned The Bringer of Disease, The Denier of Substance, That Which Turns Brother Against Brother, and The End of All. Kai’anan charges the heroes to find and contain the four evils before the Shepherd King renders the pact inviolate and releases the evils HE is containing.

To aid in this task, the Old Mage bequeaths several magical items to the group: The Oldest Trick in the Book, Words Cut Sharper than Steel, and Knowledge Comes at a Price. He also gives Garrosh a key that summons an extradimensional space which the heroes use to contain the body of The Denier of Substance. As the sessions end, Garrosh casts Gentle Repose on the body of the evil…..



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