The Oldest Trick in the Book

Armor given to Garrosh by Kai'anan


This armor resembles a suit of cloth fashioned to resemble a snake. It is heavily scaled with the motif of a snake’s mouth forming a cloak clasp over the wearer’s heart. As a daily power, the wearer can cause the armor to shed itself, animating as a serpent of the wearer’s level. This serpent lasts until the end of the encounter at which time it flows back to Garrosh and re-assumes its armor form. This suit conveys a +4 bonus to defenses. At the time of animation, Garrosh can expend one healing surge to grant the snake a venomous attack. If slain as a snake, it reverts to its armor form and can be used normally.


This armor was crafted from the cast-off skin of minor benevolent cobra deity in ages past. Kai’anan found it in a tomb in the midst of the Scattering Sands.

The Oldest Trick in the Book

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